Elliott Chappell Health Centre
215 Hessle Road
Telephone: 01482 335533
Sydenham Group Practice
Sydenham Group Practice
Elliott Chappell Health Centre  215 Hessle Road  Hull  HU3 4BB   01482  335533
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Each year, we see thousands of patients - with few complaints. At the same time, we receive many expressions of satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure that all our patients receive high standards of care and services - so we always looking to identify problems and to put them right.

Practice Complaints Procedure
We take every complaint seriously and each is thoroughly investigated.

In addition to providing a full response we keep records of complaints to identify trends and look to ways in which we can avoid future problems. A downloadable copy of our complaints policy and procedure is available (below).

If you do have a concern, in the first instance you may get in touch with our reception manager who will do her best to resolve your concern quickly.

Alternatively, if a more formal investigation is required, you may complete a complaints form provided (pdf download below) and post it to us. Please note, if you are complaining on behalf of someone you MUST also send a signed an dated consent letter which clearly indicates that the patient is happy for you to handle the complaint on their behalf.

Complimentary Remarks
If you feel that you received good service and would like to compliment the staff involved, we are happy to let them know of your satisfaction. Simply complete the Feedback form below drop us a line or call the surgery and speak to one of our reception staff who will inform the Practice Manager.

Suggestions Box
If you have a good idea about how things could be improved in any aspect of the way we run the practice or regarding the facilities provided,  please complete the form below or send a written note to the practice manager.

If you wish to make a complaint please download our explanatory leaflet and complaints forms  (below). These are pdf files and if you don't have Adobe pdf Reader you can download it free by clicking the icon at the foot of this column.
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In case of medical emergency - dial 999
In case of medical emergency - dial 999