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Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, patients have a right to see their health records. This includes information on manual records as well as  computer system.

In order to access this data, it is necessary to make a written request to the practice. There is a charge if you require a copy of the information.

Our staff are able to help and advise patients who require access to their information.
Sydenham Group Practice
Data Sharing & Privacy
Information Technology
Statement of Intent

New contractual requirements came into force from 1 April 2014 requiring that GP Practices should make available a statement of intent in relation to the following IT developments :
1. Summary Care Record (SCR)
2. GP to GP Record Transfers
3. Patient Online Access to Their GP Record
4. Data for commissioning and other secondary care purposes

The same contractual obligations require that we have a statement of intent regarding these developments in place and publicised by 30 September 2014.

Please download details of the practices stance with regards to these points.
Click to download the Statement of Intent
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GP surgeries operate under strict information governance standards to protect patient data.  This includes security of premises and systems. Our staff are trained in confidentiality and maintain stringent operating procedures.
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Statement of Intent
In case of medical emergency - dial 999
In case of medical emergency - dial 999