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Sydenham Group Practice
Sydenham Group Practice
Through correct diagnosis, we recognise asthma and aim to abolish the symptoms. By careful treatment, the objective is to maintain the best possible long-term airway function and reduce the risk of severe attacks.

In children, we are looking to achieve normal growth. We encourage patients to use self-management plans.

Patients with asthma will be able to recognise their symptoms, know the distinction between preventers and relievers and will understand when to call for help with symptoms that are getting worse. Importantly, we wil demonstrate the correct use of any chosen inhaler device.

Patients on our asthma register will be part of our call and recall system and you will be looked after by our team of practice nurses and doctors. By carefully managing your condition, we will be able to reduce risks, improve quality of life and minimise any absences form school or work.

Please ask at reception for further details.
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Information on Asthma
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Diabetes Clinic
Sydenham Group Practice
Long Term Condition
The practice operates a number of clinics - including those for patients with asthma, diabetes and heart problems.

On this page you can find links to support organisations, read about how our clinical staff provide testing, treatment and health education services for those long term conditions.

We also run immunisation clinics, health checks for new patients, travel health clinics and seasonal campaigns to combat influenza and help minimise other health risks.

In addition to the huge resources on this page you can visit the Health Channel on this website for audio visual resources on a wide range of health conditions.
Our diabetes clinic helps sufferers to find out things they don't understand about the disease. We will look at their diabetes control and help with any problems. Importantly, we work with patients to try and prevent any problems arising.

Patients on our diabetes register will benefit from a call and recall system for monitoring their diabetes. In addition to oversight by the doctor and our trained nurses, patients will benefit from access when required to chiropody so that any problems with feet can be managed.

Potential problems with eyesight can also be managed by our retinal screening programme.

People with Type 1 diabetes attend a clinic at the hospital whilst people with type 2 diabetes may attend either the practice clinic, the hospital clinic - or both. Both hospital and practice clinics provide all reviews and routine care.

Diabetes clinics conduct physical examinations including height and weight. We can then calculate your body mass index (BMI). This should be between 20 and 25). We also check blood pressure. Whilst a normal BP would be considered 120/80 mmHg, patients are advised of a target for their situation

A foot examination is conducted to check skin and sensation. Eyes are checked by digital retinal photography. A special unit visits the practice so you can be seen at your own surgery if you are being monitored at the practice. Patients should be prepared to look at a reading chart and it will be necessary to insert eye drops to make pupils larger. This lasts for up to 2 hours - so it will be unsafe to drive until the effect of the drops has worn-off. If a patient is on insulin, we will check your injection site.

Laboratory tests are taken periodically - including haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). This allows us to check to see if your diabetes is well-contolled. Creatinine and eGFR are also checked to see how well your kidneys are performing. A lipid profile is also obtained. We will also monitor liver function to monitor fat deposition and to ensure that medication is not upsetting your liver.

Urine samples allow us to test for microalbumin which should not be present. This can be removed with medication and will help avoid some of the complications associated with diabetes.

We try to organise tests before your clinic appointment so that the results are available at the review. We will also wish to discuss with patients their general well-being, current treatment, diabetes control and any problems that they have been experiencing.

In addition to the GP and practice nurse, you may need to be referred to podiatrist or dietician.

Please ask at reception for details of our diabetes clinics

Patients with any form of Ischaemic heart Disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack,peripheral vascular disease or who have undergone coronary surgery are placed on our call and recall register for regular monitoring.

We monitor health through practice nurse clinics and by GP oversight. Our aim is to provide patients with the best possible advice and treatment in order to maximise quality of life and help prevent future problems.

As part of our work, we monitor cholesterol levels, conduct urine and blood tests, review medication and provide lifestyle advice.

Please ask at reception for further details
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In case of medical emergency - dial 999
In case of medical emergency - dial 999