Inevitably, the practice holds medical information on its patients.  This is contained in electronic form in computer files and in writing.  You have rights under the Data Protection Act, the Access to Medical Reports Act and the Access to Health Records Act.  Unless required otherwise by law, we will not give information or release records without your written consent.  Since practice time is expended on this non-NHS work, administration costs are payable - depending on the service provided.  Details of costs and services are available on request.

Your responsibility to us …
·To ensure that proper documentation is completed.
·To give proper notice and allow appropriate time for us to respond to requests.
·Where required, to pay fees and be prepared to support cheques with valid cheque guarantee card.

We are a group practice.  An appointments system operates at our Hessle Road surgery. You can ask to see the doctor of your choice - but this may not always be possible on the day or time of your choosing.  In those circumstances, if you are unable to wait, you will be offered an alternative appointment with a doctor who is consulting in the surgery.  
Your responsibilities to us …
·To understand that there is often a heavy demand for appointments.
·To consider whether an appointment with the doctor is really necessary.
·To notify us as soon as possible if you with to cancel an appointment.
·To remain patient with reception staff.    


Consultations are used to diagnose, advise and treat or reassure patients.  They vary in length according to individual needs.  Although the doctor is under great pressure, every effort will be made to ensure that you understand your diagnosis and treatment.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To be ready to confirm details of symptoms, any past illnesses medication, hospital admissions or any other relevant information about your health.
·To be as clear and as brief as possible.
·To understand that the doctor has your best interests at heart.
·To ask if you are unsure about what is being said to you.
·To bear in mind that medication is not always necessary.

We believe that effective communications play a vital part in the ‘partnership’ we seek.  Information will be available to you in various forms.  When the surgery is closed a message on our answering machine will give details of the doctor on call.  Posters, leaflets and booklets will give you details of our services and a range of health related matters.  Our staff will try to help you at all times in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner.  We will listen to any comments you wish to make
Your responsibilities to us …
·To recognise that our staff are very busy and to be brief yet informative.
·To communicate with us at appropriate times.
·To realise that anger or frustration must not be communicated in terms of physical or verbal abuse of staff.
·To listen and give proper consideration to advice given.
·To read any posters or literature offered.

The practice welcomes comments or suggestions from the patients about the services we provide.  If you have any complaints, then these should be addressed to the practice manager who will advise you and take appropriate action.  The practice has provided adequate machinery for complaints to be dealt with fairly and quickly.  It will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse of staff or doctors.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To consider whether a complaint is justified.
·To recognise that most complaints can be dealt with at practice level.
·To remain calm and refrain from becoming loud, abusive or violent if a complaint arises.

The practice recognises that all patients have a right to be treated with courtesy and respect.  It does not discriminate on the grounds of age, race, colour or creed.

Your responsibilities to us …

·To be courteous towards doctors and staff.
·To be mindful of the proper procedure if a complaint arises.


Information on patients is kept on computer and in writing.  Strict procedures and security measures are in force to prevent unauthorised access to these records.  Staff would face dismissal if confidential information were to be disclosed to unauthorised parties.  Information given to the doctor at a consultation is treated in strictest confidence.
Your responsibilities to us …
To notify us if there are any changes to your registration details - such as name address or telephone numbers.


Serious emergencies are best dealt with by the emergency services - police fire ambulance by dialling 999.    In less serious emergencies, a general practice doctor may be appropriate. If you telephone the surgery on  out of hours [times other than 8am to 6pm weekdays] you will either be given the number of the out of hours emergency service or automatically transferred. Genuinely urgent cases will be seen as soon as possible.  There may be some delay if the doctor is already attending another emergency.  In appropriate circumstances, you may be given advice or asked to attend an emergency centre for assessment.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To reserve calling out the emergency doctor for genuine emergencies.
·If you are unsure, consider calling NHS 111
·To be prepared to give brief but relevant details when telephoning.
·To dial 999 if the case is a serious emergency.
·Be prepared to give brief but clear contact details together with symptoms, any medication, when symptoms started and any wherever possible relevant history.


The main aim of the practice is to provide the best possible health care and services for our patients.  To this end, our staff receive training in their various fields to that they are professionally competent and able to work efficiently and effectively.  As a practice, we have adopted the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in Hull & East Riding of Yokshire Policy (October 2009).The practice is constantly reviewing services in order to be responsive to patients’ needs.
Your responsibilities to us …
·To comply with recommended treatments and medication.
·To recognise that a healthy lifestyle helps maintain health.
·To ensure children are fully immunised.
·To take advantage of any health promotion activities or advice offered.

Our surgery was purpose built in 1876, we have fully modernised the building to ensure that we provide a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for all our patients’

Your responsibilities to us …
·To drive and park safely when coming to the surgery
·Not to smoke or consume food/drink in the surgery.
·Not to bring pets to the surgery (except guide dogs).
·To keep children supervised and under control at all times.
·To wash hands after using the toilet.
·Te secure cars, cycles and other belongings.
·To ensure that nothing is done by act or omission to place at risk yourself, staff, other patients or visitors to the practice.
·To let us know of any problems you find.


From time to time the doctor may take various tests for the purpose of diagnosis or monitoring.  You will be given some idea about the time taken for results to be received.  Any treatment arising from these tests will be organised at the earliest possible time.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To ring for results at the times advertised on this website or in the practice leaflet.


The practice has always been concerned about patient care and the quality of services that we provide.  This charter enables us to record in writing those issues that are central to the ‘partnership’ that we seek.  We will monitor and review those matters in pursuit of the quality and consistency to which we aspire.


Patients should not expect a prescription every time they visit the doctor.  Requests for one-off prescriptions for routine or minor ailments for which you do not need a personal consultation with the doctor (acute prescriptions) can be requested by telephone or by visit to reception.  The doctor will consider your request in the light of the symptoms you have described.  In order for us to provide the best service possible please give us 48 hours notice before you come to pick up your prescription.

You can order and later collect your repeat prescription during the times and methods set out on our website or in our practice leaflet.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To give appropriate notice when ordering repeat prescriptions.
To clearly mark the computerised counterfoil when ordering repeat medication.
To ring for your repeat prescription during the times specified on our website or in our practice leaflet.
·To enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish us to post your prescription,
From time to time your doctor may feel it necessary to refer you to a consultant for further care.  Urgent referrals are processed within the practice as a top priority.  All correspondence is dealt with promptly.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To recognise that delays in receiving a consultant’s appointment are usually beyond our control

In addition to emergencies, home visits may sometimes be necessary.  Requests for these should be strictly reserved for patients who are unable to attend normal surgeries - either because they are too ill or because they are infirm.

Your responsibilities to us …

·Not to request a home visit if you are able to come to the surgery.
·Unless an emergency arises later, to telephone the surgery between  8.30 and 10.30am for a home visit.
·To confine requests for night visits to cases which cannot wait until the next surgery.


We are under great pressure of demand from patients to see the doctor.  Often, we have to fit in urgent cases and some patients may need more than the allotted times.  Since we are unable to predict all these factors in advance, there may be certain times when you have to be kept waiting.  Obviously we will try and ensure this is kept to within a reasonable time.

Your responsibilities to us …
·To ensure you are not late for your appointment.
·To ensure that only one person sees the doctor per appointment.
·To be ready to tell the doctor details of symptoms, any past illnesses, medication, hospital admissions - or any other relevant information about your health.
·To remain patient and reasonable with reception staff.